German Shepherd Puppies

Every German Shepherd puppy from our kennel is vaccinated, wormed ¬†before leaving our kennel. Our selective breeding program includes only 100% German bloodlines. German imports are used in our breeding program to maintain the German standard and we continually strive to do our part to improve the breed. (more…)

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Grass Fed Beef

Why Go The Grass-Fed Beef Route?

Cows, sheep and other grazing animals have digestive systems designed specifically for digesting raw grasses. Traditionally (not too long ago), all beef was grass-fed, but in the United States especially cattle are fattened and finished on corn in feedlots. The reason is purely economical. Corn is plentiful and cheap and gets a cow fattened in a hurry. (more…)

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Vacation Rental



Experience the natural treasures of California from deluxe homestead accommodations. You are sure to love the rustic, yet elegant feeling. Sitting on the porch watching the sun come up over the mountains, soaking in another idyllically clear and crisp morning, (more…)

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